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Welcome to the Margate Town Team




Welcome to the Margate Town Team website. The Margate Town Team was formed in May 2012. The team currently consists of 9 local people who volunteer their time to help lobby the local authority, promote and organise events, work with organisations to bring in footfall, to increase occupancy and provide a place for people to work, shop and relax.

The Margate Town Team has a clearly defined set of objectives that were specified in the original Mary Portas bid. However, the aims of the Town Team go beyond the remit of the Portas bid and therefore its objectives include these but are not limited to them. The Town Team has four overarching strategic aims:

1. To create a vibrant attractive high street through developing a food and arts culture
2. To create an identity for Margate that builds on its original heritage
3. To regenerate Margate through partnership working
4. To secure additional funding to sustain the work of the group indefinitely